Who we are in our TRUE ESSENCE


Who we are in our TRUE ESSENCE

It is important for us to find and perceive our true essence. To see and perceive the real world, the whole reality around us and not just a fraction. And thanks to the perception of the whole reality our eyes will open and we will understand a lot in our life.

Why some things are happening to us and especially what we can do to find ourselves, our talents and to feel our inner fulfillment.

By it we will take responsibility for our life and we will be able to help us and create our life in love, joy, happiness and wealth.

We all have our own journey, our own mission and so it is very important to pay attention to who we really are and what we really want. The answers to these questions we will find inside of us when you will silence.

But let's look deeper. Who we are in our essence, what is part of us and what is not.

Where are we and where are only the learned patterns or other influences of our parents, our surroundings or the images of ourselves that are not really in line with ourselves.

And how do we distinguish it? What is real and what is not?

Through the inner feeling. We will find the truth in ourselves. Where we feel love, peace and inner strength, warmth..

This is the greatest truth about us and this world.

This is the way to pure love, to getting to know ourselves, to discover our uniqueness and the beauty we have in us.

At the same time, when we will accept who we are and start on the journey of discovering true love, truth and our essence - it will bring us love, beautifully balanced relationships, health, strength, peace, passion, joy, happiness and wealth.

We came to this world to find love and truth. To become who we really are.

And who are we in our true essence?

We are pure love, pure joy, pure passion.

Love is the real truth and everything else is a distortedly said an illusion about us who we are.

But it is not us, nor our anger, nor our sadness, our pains, disappointments, or feelings of injustice or misunderstanding..

It looks like us. When you become more conscious, you will see the truth and you will have your future in your hands.

Love is the strongest energy, and it is the only energy that can handle everything, overcome and survive everything and finally win.


- to open the way to pure love and to our essence:

I am a pure soul, I have a pure mind, I have a pure consciousness, I have pure a subconscious. I have pure healthy body. I have pure emotions, I have pure feelings, I have a clear perception of myself, the surroundings and the world.

I allow to myself to accept myself as I am. I'm perfect here and now. I'm purely amazing and purely special.

Thank you for opening myself to my pure essence and my pure me, which is in harmony with my pure soul.

I accept my journey and my pure mission.

I'm pure love. I'm a pure miracle.

I ask for guidance of the Highest God, Angels and Archangels.

I ask for a signs to know what is the right way for me.

In the name of pure and higher love.

Zuzana Jankajová