Stories of clients
Zuzana Jankajová

Juraj, 46 years


"Regular intensive work and a relationship with Zuzana moved me to another level of my life, which I had no idea about until now.

As a therapist with eight years of successful experience, I felt that I already knew a lot, but the relationship I have with Zuzana revealed other hidden and learned subconscious habits from the environment, family, friends, whom I met until that time.

Each session reveals the deeper layers of the subconscious and shows us what is hidden in us.

Urgent things like physical pain and their causes were resolved in 1-2 sessions.

Deeper processes such as relationships, communication, self-love, self-acceptance, self-awareness are a longer process.

In relationships, both in the previous and in the present, I had a problem to listen, accept and understand a different opinion.

And Zuzana didn't give me a choice, she was clear about what she wanted and that she wanted to be with me.

And so it was impossible to escape, as we are now in a relationship and far from all friends and loved ones, because we live in the Caribbean.

In my therapeutic practice with my clients - I was able to do it and I was able to listen, immediately advise, solve the situation, but in private life I have not been able to do so far.

And in our relationship, we had a process where we learned to communicate - to listen and accept that opinions in the relationship need to be understood, solved and not left.

In my background, I was not accepting, not understanding and rejecting my partner's opinion.

When I write this reference after a year of regular work on myself with Zuzana, I am happy to get up in the morning and look forward to what I can create for myself, my partner and the world around me.

After a year of intensive work, I am kinder to myself and my partner, I lose weight naturally and effortlessly, and I eat whatever I want and take responsibility for myself.

Aggression, irritability and blaming my surroundings for my problems and mistakes in my life are gone.

When the moment comes where I don't feel good, I ask myself why I am attracting it and what I can do to change this situation.

Zuzana helped me find the cause where I was always lost and then we solved it.

We did not come here to suffer in this world and do work that we do not enjoy, we are here to create our own more beautiful world and our surroundings can be inspired by us.

I thank Zuzana for her divine patience and desire to explain things simply and easily - how and what is ideal to do at a given moment to move forward.

My process to the core - who I am - came after deciding that I wanted a change.

I realized how distressed I was and I did not accept my life as it was and blamed everyone around me.

Now I know my life is in my hands.

I had a successful life, in the 27th year of my life I traveled 33 countries around the world - from a parking guard as a student to a professional award-winning photographer through my own company in Japan with Slovak wine to a successful therapist.

I've been everything in my life, but not myself.

I was doing things for appreciation from my surroundings and my family to feel special and accepted.

But there was a constant desire for recognition and attention.

In 2017, I slept on a bench on the street for 2 weeks because I did not have a properly set up agreement with a client on a large project, where I invested my time and money and lost everything.

After this experience, I resented people and there I stopped believing that life can be beautiful and harmonious.

Everything changed after the meeting with Zuzana in February 2018.

We met at a time when we were both financially down, with financial commitments and a minimum income.

We had a desire to have a better time together and we were brave and we allowed to us believe that we will have a life according to our desires.

Thanks to how we held together and that we had the courage to go for what we really wanted - we are living in the Caribbean since October 2018.

We have found our way to ourselves, to a beautiful loving relationship and to financial abundance.

It was a process, awareness came, difficult periods, but we believed that it will be good.

When we hold together, whatever the situation is, we can solve it together.

Zuzana will guide you in the situations you are dealing with and you will see and feel the immediate changes after the first session.

I recommend Zuzana, whether you want to move in health, business, personal or partner life."

Juraj, 46 years

Anička, 37 years


"Thank you for opening the way for me and helping me, and especially for being so nice and devoting your time to me outside the session with an explanation of the reasons.

I'm happy with your approach..because you can advise and help, even outside the session and it lighten the soul.

and you know why ... because after my experience, no one spends time outside the session ... and that's a plus that helps people on this side they have more trust.

I appreciate it very much

it helped me when you described to me what it is like, even though I can't understand everything but still .... trust do other things and I believe that it will move for the better with your help.

Thank you again "

Anička, 37 years, Employee in the State administration

Veronika, 32 years


"Hello, I would like to point out Zuzka and her work this way. I found Zuzka by chance on Facebook, even though it probably wasn't a coincidence, my soul found her and wanted to contact her to help me. My financial situation was not very auspicious and Zuzka suggested working with me as a gift and I had a few sessions for free. We went from the health of my family, me, my soul, work, relationships and fears to this day in such a style that I smile like a sun and finally I'm fine 🌞 I really recommend Zuzka 💃🌹😘 "

Veronika, 32 years, Kindergarten teacher

Juraj, 45 rokov


"Session with Zuzana is pleasant and unforced.

It emanates from her insight, understanding, humanity and empathy for your life situation that you need to resolve.

Her sensitive approach and guidance during the session is like talking to friends.

Personally, I have been working as an therapist for 8 years, I have experiences with the EFT method, the Silva method, Coaching, Neurolinguistic programming and Zuzana's sessions are the essence of these techniques and even more.

Every teacher has his teacher and Zuzana is mine.

She has helped me in managing anger, the traumatic experiences from childhood, divorce, financial problems and the acceptance of myself, my uniqueness and my talent.

Already during the first session you feel the positive changes to yourself and later on your surroundings, who feel that something pleasant happens to you.

Zuzana focuses directly on the cause of the situation that you have and then together you can naturally soften it and then clean it.

I needed help and brought me to Zuzana and now I feel calm, happy and I accept the life, how it comes to me every day more and more."

Juraj, 45 rokov, Therapist

Mirka, 22 rokov


"My rescue from the Caribbean!

You may remember an article that I published a few months ago in which I described a loss in my own world!

I didn't know what to do, I drove away people I wanted in my life, I was losing my health and a few loved ones left me, I even stopped believing, that I will be able to finish school, not to mention the problems at work!

In short, breathing was challenging for me, too!

And in that I saw an inspiring life, that lead this young lady and decided to write her! I don't even know how we came to the first online conversation, but one I know, she put me back in the game, returned my world to me. Slowly but surely I was going into the module of myself, just as you see me again today! I am very grateful for her time and her advice!

That's why I suggest you let people help you get up again! Find your inspiration!

Personally, I highly recommend contacting this beautiful lady if you need advice on how to live a fulfilled life. "

Mirka, 22 years, Student and young businesswoman

Mirka, 22 rokov


"Where to start? This amazing person helped me find myself again and be strong. Finish the pain and start working fully again! Allergies and a huge degree of negation, which increased in my circumstances, have disappeared. Definitely if you don't know where to go, contact her, find time and find your direction again, your happiness! "

Mirka, 22 years, Student and young businesswoman

Hugo 29 rokov


"The first time in my life I meet such a spiritual person. I am experienced in mystical organizations, but first in my life I feel such a vibration. As a high graded freemason and rosicrucian, Zuzana makes me feel that she is connected with something higher. "

Hugo, 29 years, Single father