Price for Session

Is Individual, depending on what you want to solve 

Price for Session 

Personal Life and Work

Session - 30 minutes

Online session


Session - 60 minutes

Online session


Package 1

Online sessions - 8 hours + 2 hours bonus

1 280$

Package 2

Online sessions - 24hours + 10 hours bonus

* Possibility to use the sessions for family members and your partner

3 840$

Price for Session


Session - 45 minutes

Online session


Session - 90 minutes

Online session


Package 1

Online sessions - 12 hours + 3 hours bonus

2 560$

Package 2

Online sessions - 36 hours + 14 hours bonus

7 680 $

Do you want advice?

The price for a session is individual depending on what you want to solve in your life.

I have an individual approach to each client and therefore I will be happy if you contact me and together we will look at your situation in life.

If you are interested in more information, write me an email or a message.

Just decide

I went through different periods of work with myself and my clients and I found the key to moving in the direction we want to move.

We are responsible for how we feel, what our life is and what we attract into our life.

And if we want to change that, it's important to start with yourself.

It is important to work on yourself, look for solutions and get help when you are not sure which way to go.

And especially when certain situations in life, in business, or in business return and repeat - we don't see or overlook anything there.

Everything always happens in accordance with us and our settings, whether conscious, subconscious or unconscious.

Of course, it's also about the activities we do, but if we have certain blocks in us somewhere, then we also experience more difficult periods.

I also went through quite difficult times in my life, and I learned first and foremost through myself and my life.

And so I can show you the right way.

And now the crucial question is, do you really want to change or improve your life?

That decision is up to you.

Allow yourself to a better and have better life.

Zuzana Jankajová

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