How life works

Zuzana Jankajová

Thoughts, emotions and our lives.

Have you thought more deeply about how our thoughts affect us?

And what influences do our emotions create in our body, or even in our lives?

And what came first - our emotions, thoughts, or just randomly, various situations come into our lives, which then create and shape our thoughts, emotions that then affect us and our lives?

Understanding the deeper nature of us and how this world works will not only bring a deeper insight into our lives, but mainly thanks to this knowledge, we are able to consciously change our lives and significantly improve every area of ​​our lives.

I look in depth at how the world and we really work and what is the secret that affects and creates our lives.

You have probably heard that we are the drivers of our own happiness, that we can create our own future, and it is our responsibility what we attract and create.

And so it really is at its deepest point.

But at the same time, there are many unconscious and subconscious influences that we often have no idea that there is such a thing in us.

And that is what has the greatest impact on us.

There are many levels behind it and I will show you my knowledge and a closer look at what I work with.

1. Level - is deep and has the most fundamental influence on us, it determines our basic preconditions for our new life.

It affects whether we are afraid, whether we are shy, whether we are born healthy, rich or poor, how intelligent and open we are to learn, what is our basic premise in communication and what relationships we have with people, with the family. , or with a potential partner and how we perceive ourselves.

We have the 1st level according to our past lives, lives, behaviors, misunderstood and uncontrollable emotions, trials and patterns of our family, our ancestors for many generations.
This level affects our subconscious patterns, settings and has a big impact on whether things are easy for us or we are attracting obstacles and more difficult trials to life.

It also affects whether we are dominated by joy, sadness, anger, tendencies to aggression or addictions.
Even whether we have good relationships with people, whether we are communicative, closed or spontaneous or courageous.
It is a strong foundation to work with through the level of the subconscious mind - directly, which is the easiest way
Or then gradually through experiences and experiences in life - where you gradually gain teachings to find love, faith and determination in yourself, or the right approach to yourself and life - and these are situations that are repeated in your life until they are "you can do it" and you will understand.
When you learn the lessons and teachings, then those situations go away or soften and change for the better.
Here is a real understanding and feeling of the truth.
Until then, it will still be in you and will create and attract similar life situations.
Level 2 is the soul - where each of us has a predetermined thing, what we have to learn, what role we have in our lives and to whom we should help, what are our talents and gifts.
Our mission will open when we find the way to ourselves, when we live in harmony with our soul and our true nature.
In our true essence - within us we are already who we want to be.
We are perfect, exceptional and wonderful with many gifts, talents and we can easily attract what we desire.
To have beautiful loving relationships, to have abundance and wealth in our lives.
And the way to do that is through cleansing ourselves from all who we are not.
And then we will heal naturally and connect with us and our soul.
That was my journey too, and today I am connected to myself, communicating with my soul that guides and advises me.
It's a wonderful feeling and a beautiful gift.
Level 3 are our emotions, feelings, our actions, perceptions of this life, ourselves and the people around us.
These are things gained and learned from our parents, from school, from books, from our surroundings.
During our lives we have gathered as much useful things and information, we have also learned new skills and at the same time we have taken over many wrong beliefs into our subconscious.
Everything your parents, siblings, classmates and colleagues told you.
Well, that doesn't say who we really are.
We just get to know each other and discover.
And our true essence is love, goodness, kindness, gentleness, tenderness, sincerity, joy, enthusiasm, success, and abundance.
And everything negative and unpleasant is just something we need to understand, process and stop taking as part of us.
It is only temporary until we get rid of it.
It's an illusion that it's us.
At the moment, it may be us if we believe it and identify with it, but it is not our true essence.
And so every pain, every sadness, anger or hatred is important to heal and understand - what it really is and then the power of the given emotion and thought will begin to soften and it will no longer have such power and strength over us.
We become more conscious and at that moment we begin to become who we really are.
Here we find our true strength and our true uniqueness.

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