15 Minutes Insight as Gift


15 Minútový Náhľad ako Darček


For each of you, who will contact me, I have a special gift 15 minutes of my time.

I offer you a deeper insight into your life, your emotions, feelings, and I can help you understand your life situations and give you answers to the questions:

Why is it happening to you?

What is the main cause of your situation?

What is needed to be changed to resolve and heal your situation?

It is especially for those of you who are looking for the right way, answer and direction.

And you really want to change your life for the better and you are determined to work on it.

It is a way to find yourself, your true strength and to heal your life in any area according to your desires and needs.

Through a deeper insight, I will tell you exactly what is behind it, why it is happening to you, what is needed to be solved, changed or understood in your situation and what the subsequent solution is.

15 Minutes Insight is not-committal and will show you closer how I work.

At the same time, it will help you decide more easily if this is the right way for you :)

If you feel it, write me a private message and I will be happy to agree with you on a date.

Insights I do online via call or video call.

I look forward to you :)

Zuzana Jankajová


15 Minutes Insight as Gift

15 Minutes Insight as Gift:

Write me:

- when it suits you

- and whether you are interested in a call or videocall

Suggest to me when it would suit you and I will be happy to write to you and we will have a call after common agreement.

I look forward to you

Zuzana Jankajová