Client Stories
Intuitive Life Healing

Client Stories

Intuitive Life Healing

Mirka, 22 years

Slovak republic

"My rescue from the Caribbean!

You may remember an article that I published a few months ago in which I described a loss in my own world!

I didn't know what to do, I drove away people I wanted in my life, I was losing my health and a few loved ones left me, I even stopped believing, that I will be able to finish school, not to mention the problems at work!

In short, breathing was challenging for me, too!And in that I saw an inspiring life, that lead this young lady and decided to write her! I don't even know how we came to the first online conversation, but one I know, she put me back in the game, returned my world to me. Slowly but surely I was going into the module of myself, just as you see me again today! I am very grateful for her time and her advice!

That's why I suggest you let people help you get up again! Find your inspiration!

Personally, I highly recommend contacting this beautiful lady if you need advice on how to live a fulfilled life. "

Mirka, 22 years, Student and Young Businesswoman

Juraj, 45 years

Slovak republic

"Session with Zuzana is pleasant and unforced.

It emanates from her insight, understanding, humanity and empathy for your life situation that you need to resolve.

Her sensitive approach and guidance during the session is like talking to friends.

Personally, I have been working as an therapist for 8 years, I have experiences with the EFT method, the Silva method, Coaching, Neurolinguistic programming and Zuzana's sessions are the essence of these techniques and even more.

Every teacher has his teacher and Zuzana is mine.

She has helped me in managing anger, the traumatic experiences from childhood, divorce, financial problems and the acceptance of myself, my uniqueness and my talent.

Already during the first session you feel the positive changes to yourself and later on your surroundings, who feel that something pleasant happens to you.

Zuzana focuses directly on the cause of the situation that you have and then together you can naturally soften it and then clean it.

I needed help and brought me to Zuzana and now I feel calm, happy and I accept the life, how it comes to me every day more and more. "

Juraj, 45 years, Therapist

Hugo, 29 years

Dominican republic

"The first time in my life I meet such a spiritual person. I am experienced in mystical organizations, but first in my life I feel such a vibration. As a high graded freemason and rosicrucian, Zuzana makes me feel that she is connected with something higher."

Hugo, 29 years, Single father